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Case Study: Citrix
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case study: citrix

Citrix home page

The Client

Citrix Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: CTXS), a global leader in application server, enterprise portal and management software products. Using Citrix technology, organizations can provide reliable wireless and networked access to server-based applications for end users operating a variety of client devices and platforms.

The Problem

To enhance the search capability of Citrix XPS, Citrix' XML-based enterprise portal software.

Key Citrix requirements:

  • Rapid and accurate full-text search through a large, dynamic of data stored in XML, HTML, Microsoft Word and 200 other formats.
  • Support for non-Western alphabets.
  • Ability to support server platforms other than Microsoft Windows NT/2000.
  • Ability to incorporate search technology into future products.
  • Architecture, functionality and interface consistent with earlier XPS versions.

The Solution

Doclinx undertook two projects to meet Citrix' requirements. First, Doclinx adapted its high-performance Docsan® search technology to work with the Microsoft Windows-native C++ version of Citrix XPS. Then, Doclinx implemented the entire XPS portal application using Java 2 Enterprise Edition technologies. To support its use of Docsan® technology in future products, Citrix also licensed the source code for the search and indexing software.

Principle benefits to Citrix:

  • State-of-the-art search capability for document collections up to 50 terabytes in size.
  • Rapid (up to 1GB/hour) indexing times to handle highly dynamic collections.
  • Support for any server platform with a recent implementation of Java 2 Enterprise Edition.
  • Ownership of the core search technology for use in future product versions.

The Results

For Citrix, a high-performance, multi-platform enterprise portal product tested and ready for market.


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