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Precision Time-coded Transcripts
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Doclinx now offers a new service called Precision Time-coded Transcripts.

A Precision Time-coded Transcript contains time-codes for every spoken word, accurate to 1/10 of a second.

You supply us with any kind of physical media - video or audio tape and Doclinx will create a Precision Time-coded Transcript, a Digital media file in Real Media or Windows Media format and software to view the transcript synchronized with the digital media on your computer.

Using Doclinx's software, you can search by spoken words and view your video or audio content along with a synchronized transcript from the exact point where the word was spoken!  No more skipping forwards or backwards to find a specific clip.


  • Search by spoken words across all your audio or video content (multiple transcripts)
  • View digital media as well as its transcript using only your browser
  • Show your content and synchronized transcript to any user on the Internet
  • Click on a word in the transcript to see the content from that word
  • Search by date, program name, title, description or any other metadata


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