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TeraXML Media Mining Solutions
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High-performance Enterprise Full-Text and XML Knowledge Retrieval Software

TeraXML Enterprise Search's knowledge discovery technology empowers you to realize the potential of your knowledge base by performing intelligent searches that deliver complete, accurate and relevant results.

FT/XML Diagram

TeraXML Enterprise Search is a highly scalable product, designed for large-scale knowledge mining applications where handling terabytes of data with high performance and secure document retrieval are key requirements. TeraXML stores security information on a per document basis, enabling secure knowledge retrieval applications.

Originally designed for rapid document retrieval on first-generation CD ROMs, TeraXML has been under continuous development for nearly 15 years. Current versions exploit recent advances in processor speed, memory size and storage technology to deliver the industry's fastest search and index generation times.

TeraXML is rock-solid, reliable software being used by Fortune 500 companies in high-volume, production applications right now. To see for yourself, contact us to request a demonstration of an TeraXML knowledge base built with your own content.

Key TeraXML Features

  • Full contextual-search of XML data using the XPath XML standard.
  • Supports most unstructured document formats including HTML, Adobe PDF and Microsoft Word. Over 200 document formats are supported.
  • Ability to index content from Lotus Notes, Oracle and most other relational databases.
  • The industry's fastest indexing at speeds of several gigabytes per hour.
  • The industry's smallest index files ranging from 25%-90% of input data size.
  • Virtually unlimited scalability using multiple load-balanced search servers.
  • Powerful query language includes features like boolean operators, phrase search, fuzzy search, wildcards, proximity search, and stemming.
  • Unicode implementation provides native support for European and Asian languages.
  • 64-bit architecture supports multi-terabyte datasets.
  • Native C++ version for Windows, Solaris and Linux operating systems.
  • 100% pure Java™ version for any operating system with Java 1.4 support.


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