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Doclinx logo Turning knowledge into increased profits and more satisfied customers

Doclinx provides fast and reliable solutions for Information Retrieval and Unstructured Text Analysis. Our TeraXML product line offers terabyte capable, state-of-the-art full-text and XML Search technology, Advanced Text Mining and Entity Extraction in multiple languages. Our Global Media Monitoring System enables you to monitor and track information on TV and Radio news broadcasts worldwide.

Doclinx has a proven track record of helping companies achieve their objectives in managing their information resources. Our commitment to the success of our customer has consistently won us praise.

Why our customers recommend doclinx

If you ask our customers why they recommend Doclinx, they might tell you that it's because the e-business applications we produced for them work reliably, 24-hours a day producing sales and profits for them without hassles.

If you pushed them for a little bit more information, they might say that we delivered their e-business and e-publishing applications on-time and on-budget.

They might add that our 24/7 support is provided by the engineers who developed our products and not by some recent college graduate.

And they might also mention that we share the risk with them by reducing our up-front development costs in exchange for future royalties.

And each of these is a big deal if you have 1,000 customers on line who have paid $20,000 each to access the data necessary to bid on a multi-million dollar construction project.

Fortune 500 solutions

Turning Knowledge into Revenue

Large-scale content publishers cannot sell information unless their customers can rapidly locate documents that add value to their businesses. Doclinx high-performance e-publishing systems combine our best-of-breed TeraXML search technology with highly scalable e-commerce components built using the Java™ 2 Enterprise Edition platform. To see how a Fortune 500 business leveraged Doclinx technology to increase revenue, see our IHS case study.

Turning Knowledge into Increased Product Sales

Manufacturers of technical components - e.g., auto parts, integrated circuits, process controllers, etc. - cannot sell those components unless engineers and designers have ready access to the technical data needed to incorporate them into products. Our TeraXML Enterprise Search product allows application developers to leverage parametric information while searching large collections of technical documents in order to rapidly locate components with desired technical characteristics. Our Xilinx case study shows how a manufacturer of programmable logic components used our technologies to increase sales.

Turning Knowledge into More Efficient Government

Federal and state government agencies cannot effectively serve citizens without the knowledge stored in their current and legacy systems. The accumulated knowledge of an agency typically resides on a wide variety of systems in an even wider variety of formats. Our TeraXML Enterprise Search product supports most document formats in use today and its flexible architecture makes it easy to develop filters for new or legacy formats. In addition, it is built using the industry-standard Java™ 2 Enterprise Edition, ensuring that they will run reliably on a variety of hardware/operating system platforms.

Citrix logo

 "Sequoia's alliance with Doclinx is built on technical compatibility and mutual respect for each partner's strengths. We are thrilled to work with Scott Ober and his associates, and anticipate our relationship with Doclinx will help both organizations achieve greater levels of success."

Bryan Caporlette, Executive Vice President, Strategic Technology, Sequoia Software


Hitachi Semiconductor logo

"The folks at Doclinx are a delight to work with. They're very responsive and always have fast, creative solutions for our many custom needs. Beyond the service, we have found that Doclinx' technical ability consistently meets or exceeds our expectations."

Bob Tabone, Program Manager, Hitachi Semiconductor (America), Inc.

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